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China hat weitere Demonstrations- und Standardisierungsprojekte in der Textilindustrie zu Industrie 4.0 (in China "Intelligent Manufacturing") gestartet.
Ausgewählte Notizen zu Vorträgen der ITMF Tagung 2018: Trends in global fibre demand and consumption, textile Industry in Africa, Entwicklungen und Trends in der Textilindustrie, Fashion retail and today’s consumer expectations, ITMF Shipments 2017.
For the VDMA, it is clear that ISO 9000 or ISO 14000 certifications demanded by the Indians disadvantage, in particular, SMEs and they are not a prerequisite for the production of high-quality textile machinery. The Association and the VDMA liaison office India represent the interests of the member companies.
In Nonwovens Report International, 6/2017 issue, a “Guide to the Global Nonwovens Industry 2018” was published.
Zu einer freien Welt gehört ein freier Handel.
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Nicolai Strauch
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